The dual-layer security system lets one surf the internet or play multiplayer games online without any stress, and restricts content depending on specific profiles.

Stay safe stay productive How Airtel Secure Internet can improve internet usage
Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 22:09

If you've been using the internet to work or study, you would know how easy it is to get side-tracked by all the other distractions online. And when you have a broadband connection like Airtel Xstream Fiber that offers exceptionally high speeds, browsing entertainment news and streaming sites, when you should be working or studying becomes even easier. It offers users office-like internet, with a host of benefits, such as:

  • WiFi calling
  • 24x7 promised speed
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Proactive network monitoring, and
  • Speeds of up to 1 Gbps with unlimited data


But Airtel Xstream Fiber offers another service that internet users, who are always worried about online threats, will welcome - Airtel Secure Internet. This is an additional layer of security that allows for the blocking of specific websites and apps, as per the profile selected by the user. With kids and adults using the internet now more than ever, for school, work, gaming, and entertainment, this dual-layer security system enhances your online activity by protecting the devices connected to your Wi-Fi from malware and viruses and filters content to ensure better productivity.

Two Key Features of Airtel Secure Internet


Virus and Malware protection

Airtel Xstream Fiber connections are protected from any and all viruses and malware that are lurking on the internet.

Content filtering

Block objectionable content from the internet. The various types of content that can be blocked include adult, entertainment, gaming, and others.

You can choose from one of the four profiles, based on what kind of protection you want:


You can only select one of the four profiles at a time, and changing the profile from one to another is simple and quick. All you have to do is go to the Thanks App, then the ‘Thanks Page’ and then tap on ‘Secure Internet’ card, and finally, hit manage. 

Here’s a dive into what you can do with the 4 profiles: 

This article was created in association with Airtel.